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With our team of highly experienced experts in public health, having gathered lessons from Harvard School of Public Health and practices around the world, our epidemiological research tackles various types of epidemics, communicable to non-communicable diseases. We provide you with insight as to how and why certain diseases occur in certain places, while providing you with solutions to prevent them. Our working relationships with the United Nations Agencies, Federal and States Ministries of health, public and private hospitals have proved our capability in this area.
Our epidemiological studies range from descriptive to analytical. Our descriptive epidemiology informs on the general characteristics of disease distribution in relation to person, place and time, and can also provide information to health care providers and those responsible for resource allocation, and sometimes generate hypothesis about the disease causality. Our analytical studies use comparative approach to test hypotheses about associations between exposures and diseases.

Our peculiarity

Our peculiarity lies in our holistic and uncommon combination of social, health and marketing insight to provide world class research services using advanced technology. Our team consists of highly experienced intellectuals who have gathered best practices and procedures from different parts of the world. This peculiar combination enables us to provide your organisation with deep insight necessary for healthcare and brand differentiating solutions.Read More

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