Strategic Research and Management (STREAM) Insight is a market and social research agency, managed by market research experts and seasoned social research professionals. At STREAM Insight, we offer consumer insight that guarantees financial growth and brand sustenance. Our social and health research provides stakeholders with in-depth analytics for advancement. Sectors we cover include: Development partners, FMCGs, NGOs, Wholesale and retail, Agriculture, Health, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, Information and Technology, Pharmaceutical, Fashion and Lifestyle, Travel and Hospitality, Investment, Government and Public Services.

Our Peculiarity

Our peculiarity lies in our holistic and uncommon combination of social, health and marketing insight to provide world class research services using advanced technology. Our team consists of highly experienced intellectuals who have gathered best practices and procedures from different parts of the world. This peculiar combination enables us to provide your organisation with deep insight necessary for social advancement, brand differentiating solutions as well as healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver actionable insight to our clients.

Our Vision

“To be a world-class trans-generational research & management agency,passionate about providing insight and promoting data-driven decisions, giving high returns to our workforce and the community”.