Market Research

At STREAM Insight, with the use of Usage and Attitude surveys (U&A), we help you take stock of your market..
Consumer Usage & Attitudes Studies

As an agency committed to you, we help track your brand to reveal its trend performance over time. 
Brand Tracking

We help develop a clearer understanding of the market landscape, key growth areas and market trends.
Market Entry Surveys

STREAM Insight Product Test enables brands create interest, encourage conversations and push the word of mouth through a buzz…
Product Testing

STREAM Insight concept testing process enables you to implement a number of comparative standards related to your industry.
Concept Testing

Through our Brand Diagnostics methodology, we would help you measure your brand health, vitality and impact…
Brand Diagnotics & Position

Our expertise spans across helping your enterprise better your corporate image in relation to how customers’ perceive the services render…
Customers Satisfaction Survey

At STREAM Insight, we help our clients make critical advertising decisions at all stages of the advertising process ranging from creative development.
Advertising & Promotion