Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Need to set up systems for data collection during the planning phases of a project
  • Need to analyse data collected through monitoring processes
  • Concerned about how efficiently and effectively your project is working
  • Reached a stage in your project, when you think it would be useful to evaluate its impact
  • Are donors requesting for an external or independent evaluation for your project STREAM Insight’s M & E Solution does all these and lots more..
    Our team of M & E specialists:
  • Push your project to reflect on where you are going and how you are getting there
  • Review progress of your project
  • Identify problems in planning and/or implementation of your project
  • Raise questions about assumptions and strategy
  • Provide you with information and insight
  • Ensure that you to act on the information and insight
  • Ensure that your project makes a positive development difference.