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The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Nigeria Economy

Generally, coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has already caused considerable human suffering and major economic disruption to the globe and this includes recent sharp reaction in financial markets to the spread of the coronavirus in late February; which has succeeded in increasing the persisting financial vulnerabilities from the tensions between slower growth, high corporate debt and deteriorating […]
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Panic Buying: A Form of Consumer Behavior

What is Panic Buying? Panic buying is a rapid upsurge in the buying reaction (especially volume) of consumers to a certain product. This reaction is often prompted by a sudden fear or an emergency situation and usually survivalist in nature. Panic buying is a form of consumer behavior, with well proven theories and predictable implications […]
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Consumer Sentiment:

In a bid to estimate the potential market for products and services, businesses often conduct market research to access one key objective; consumers’ willingness and ability to pay for a product 0r service. This is one of the fundamental tenets of market research as it unearths valuable insight for business and enterprise in developing strategy […]
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