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The New Face of Market Research

Many researchers have been somewhat reluctant to switch from the traditional research despite understanding that the new approaches may be more efficient and better. Though we are gradually seeing the smooth slide from long surveys to short and quick surveys but what does is hold for the researchers? Researchers of the new approaches are expected to truly understand how to design, analyze and interpret research in such a way that the insight is not coated or hidden in many litany that may be too difficult or far off for the decision makers to comprehend or see.

It has been established in recent times that in the world of market research, the more pragmatic the scenario is to the population of study, the better and precise it is for the researcher to learn as well as predict how people tend to act. This gave birth to the use of simulation in understanding how people might behave if they are partaking in the subject matter in real time perhaps through virtual gadgets such as the Occulis type of glasses to bring research findings to life. Qualitative research has just been put on the spotlight with this new approach where the researcher can make the participant go through virtual experience and get the insights needed almost immediately.

Now what is the implication of the new approaches (digital – virtual)? Research companies will tend to rely more on gadgets than humans. However, the new approach compliant staff will stand rooted by being able to do things and prove to be useful in line of the new approaches. How are researchers positioning themselves for the huge leap the industry is taking? Researchers need to understand the need to learn; network and team up together for utmost relevance and deliver great research that engages consumers using creative ways to get the point across.

The use of different social media platform to carry out surveys is gradually becoming the new wave. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and others are seen as the giants that can take over the research industry because they have been positioned to connect different brands and their target audiences. For instance WeChat enabled surveys in China is set to witness a good growth with the signing of MobileMeasure to conduct the first set of surveys on WeChat in China.

The big picture posed by the new approaches is to have a thin or no line at all between quantitative and qualitative research but the most visible thing should be the insight that can translate to profitable actions that is able to move with speed and accuracy.

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