The Extra-Ordinary Brand That You Just Can Not Resist!

The Extra-Ordinary Brand That You Just Can Not Resist!

How often have we as individuals wondered how we are perceived by people around us starting from our appearance, associations, lifestyle, habit and others. What factors come to play that determines how we dress, where we hangout, what we do, how we react to situations and many more?

Now, let us talk business.

How do people perceive your business or how will they perceive your business? Offering a fantastic product can guarantee sales but the question again is how much sales? Are you getting utmost sales for this your product or just getting by?

The first thing that gets people’s attention is the quality especially if it is a product that can be seen. Quality starts from the packaging down to visibility. Does the packaging of your product speak to your target audience easily? Is the quality very visible such that the target audience sees it as the right product for them without any form of ambiguity? Are you targeting the right market for your product or are you trying to sell Ferrari to a farmer who barely leaves his farm to come to town?

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Many people get interested in products by virtue of what the product advert has sparked in them. Advert is a crucial part of launching a new product or even generating more revenue for an already existing product. Adverts call the attention of the target audience and communicate with them directly if it is well planned and placed. There should be no delay about getting attention at the right time for your product because guess what? no matter how great the product is, there is yet another that is perhaps not as good or just as good as your product and it is blowing all the social media platform up and getting into the faces of the target audience. Act fast!!!

Wait a minute, how much is your product being sold in the market currently or perhaps, how much do you intend to sell your product? Is the price competitive and attractive? Will the random buyer out there think of the price as a good bargain? These are things to consider when setting price for your product. Everyone wants good quality but gravitates towards what they call value for money. You do not want to scare your target market away because the price is quite high when there are other products in the same category getting bought in their thousands because they are affordable.

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A business development manager of a FMCG company was saying the other day “what can we do to increase sales, our revenue is dwindling”. The first thing that comes to mind as a response to that question is what is it that the target market want but your product is not giving to them? Many times, we assume this is what the target market will want or need from our product without checking with them. Questions that we must always find answer to is what is trending among our target market now, how are they doing their things now, how best can our product fit into the current wave of activities our target market engages in, are they currently getting value from our product? If we find answer to these questions, we will be able to tackle dwindling sales, boost revenue and create more value for our products.

Rather than grope in the dark trying to find answers to those questions,  why not reach out to the professionals who can expertly guide you Into the right things to do at the right time and your product will sail with the market waves.

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